cropped-astrarot21.jpgBlogHello Everyone and welcome to our new Blog. First of all, I want to make some things clear before continuing this. This is our first time doing something like this and we don’t have any experience in writting stuff besides lyrics, so the only thing you can expect is authenticity, realness and some very raw content. The reason we are starting this, is, like Seth Godin said, every person has to offer something to the world, make some kind of contribution, and we are planning in doing this really often, if not daily.

So, this is our first try, a short introduction to the band, and how we got started. First thing that needs to be said here, is that Astrarot as a name, was formed at 2008. At that time we were a completely different band, playing completely different kind of music, being completely different people than we are today. 2 of the 4 guys that were in the band, left it at 2014, when we decided that everyone wanted something else than the others from the band, but that’s a story for another time. We will make a blog post exclusively about this side of the story some other day.

In 2015, I, Nick decided to re-start the band, release the first album, entitled “Straight From Nowhere“. Everything was so dark at that time, nothing was certain about the band and it’s future, making that one of the hardest times I’ve ever been through. First positive thing that happened to encourage me, was signing with “Straight From The Heart Records” at 2015, and knowing that the album was going to be released via the label. It was something that gave me some of the strength I much needed, knowing that someone supports the band, and that I’m not alone.

The best thing that could happen a little bit later was when, by luck, the best friend of mine, Lee, joined the band. It was something that happened really quick, we hadn’t discussed it at all, and so it was a thing that was not certain and we didn’t know how it will end up. When we started writting songs together, we realised the chemistry we had, and how similar our mindset was, as far as song-writting and generally ,life, goes.

At 2016, after some live shows, and the release of our first album, we decided that the music would have to change dramatically. We wanted something that would let us express ourselves, and say everything we wanted to say about us to the world. So, we released 3 singles at 2016, “Feeding the Flame“, “By Your Rules” and “Point the Finger at Yourself“, that were way more modern style of music than we used to play until then. This of course, had some negative results, as people who used to like us, turned on us, because they didn’t like the new style. BUT the positive results were awesome, as we got to meet new people, and people who liked that kind of music started liking us, and that was what let us know that we made the right move.

After that, we played several live shows, that we enjoyed a lot, and decided to start working on the next, “Our DEBUT Album“. Entitled “WE CAN’T WIN“, it came out on 30 of June 2017. That brings us to this date, so, I will not say much about it now, because all of the next blog posts, will be focused completely on that.

So, this is it. This is our first blog post ever , and a short introduction to the band, to the music we play, and to who we are. Thank you everyone who reads this, stay tuned, because we will continue doing this really often, like every other day!




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