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Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog series “We Are Astrarot“! I know we skipped some days and didn’t post, but it surely was a reasult of countless hours of work & hustle. Not laziness! First of all, I wanna thank you for coming back, reading and keep supporting us! Once more, for everyone that might want to let us know what he/she thinks for our blog, or has some suggestions about it,Contact us!

So, today’s blog is about the 2nd song from our album “We Can’t Win”, called “Buried Fate“. It was the first song we wrote for the album, when we sarted writting it, and it surely cought our attention. ALthough the first part of the song, the opening riff came out soon, it was a tough song to write, and it took us two or three days to write it, but the result came out to be amazing!

“Buried Fate” is one of the most “Metal” songs of the record, it has some Slipknot vibe in it and the riffs are playinmg a big role, something that in most of our songs doesn’t really happen. Despite all the aggressiveness and the metal vibe, “Buried Fate” has one of the most emotional parts we’ve ever written, and for sure the best vocal performance by Lee, at the middle of the song.

Lyrically, the song is about all the people that have been giving us advice in our lives. All the people who never understood what we are about, what we want to accomplish, and what kind of lives we want to lead. It’s a common fact that the most people don’t wanna hear, imagine or ever think about someone having success with music, or any form of art. That’s what has been happening most of our lives, with most people around us saying that we will never make it, we should stick to having the band as a hobby, and live a normal life. That’s why “We sold our souls to the brave” as the song states. We sold our souls to those who didn’t care about the crappy advice they were getting from anyone else, the people who believed, pursued and chased their dreams!

What we ended up doing about this, was just facing the darkness of all this negativity we were getting, using all this pushing from the people around us, to take us to the next level. “We are the Castaways“. We are the outcasts, they will never understand our mindset, our goals and what we want to accomplish in our lives. The most emotional part of the song, is a series of the phrase “Throw me to the flame“, as they need to accept that we will never go with the flow, we will never follow them, so they need to understand that they are gonna need to just keep critising us, talk crap about us, because we will never compromise.

So that’s it for today! You can check “Buried Fate” here , and leave a comment about what you think, after listening to the song and knowing to story about it. You can also check the commentary video we did for it here . Thank you everybody for being here, and being interested in our story, see ya all in a couple of days!



Astrarot blog post graves

Hello and welcome back everybody! This is our 4th blog post, and what I see is that our blog is starting to get form, it’s starting to feel “real“. I think I like this blogging thing much more than I thought I would, and that’s something that is making me really happy. Of course, We want to hear your opinions and thoughts about what you like, dislike, or have to suggest about our blog “We Are Astrarot“! Just Contact us!

So, this blog’s subject is going to be our song “Graves“. It’s the opening track of our “Debut” album “We Can’t Win“, it’s another move from us to re-introduce ourselves to you, to everyone who might be interested in our music, our story and wants to support the band in any way! It’s a much greater realisation of who we are, the mistakes we have made and the things we’ve been through.

We have been into playing music, having bands, at least half of our lifes, me and Lee. We spent many years doing spontaneus things that were just coming to our minds, making moves we thought were right, having an attitude we thought was appropriate. “Graves” is about every bad move we made, every wrong step we ever took, every single time we thought we were right, business-wise, and in our personal lives. “We are going full speed ahead“, we are young, we don’t think much, we don’t listen to anyone, we have just our insticts to follow, and for that we are “Speeding up till we Crash & Burn“!

The song also focuses on accepting our pasts, realising our mistakes and conquering our jealousy an every other empathetic feeling, in order to move on, stand on our feet, and change every bad situation upside – down. Despite the focus on our past faults and mistakes, our indifference and ignorance, as well as stating that “ I won’t stand out for you, when you’re left behind too“, the song has a positive message in it, which is clearly the fact that now, we have realised how wrong we have been in the past, understading our mistakes and the reasons we made them, and we clearly are still here to move on, make everything right from now on, and don’t repeat the past.

“Graves”, was written at my house, like every song on the album, and from the moment we wrote it, we knew it HAD to be the first song people would listen to from “We Can’t Win“. It is raw, simple, aggressive, but very solid and melodic at the same time. The rythm is always straight- forward, the vocals are always in your face, and never rest, except that little, electronic, break before the last chorus.

The video for the song, was made once more, by Cineveil Productions, and the result really amazed us. It is a lot simmilar to “Shadow Moses” by “Bring me the Horizon”, the effects and stuff, but with a much different scenery, colors, and the appearence of an almost- naked woman, because nature ALWAYS goes with some nudity!

The song was released on may 2017 via “Straight From the Heart Records“, and really had some great feedback! You can check “Graves” here. We also uploaded a “Track by Track” interview- style video, when Lee, explains the song in less words than here, but still gets the message across. You can check that here.

So, this is it! Hope you liked this blog post, along with the others of course, if you haven’t read them, go back to our site and check them out! We would LOVE to hear your opinion! Next blog post, this time about “Buried Fate” , is coming in 2 days!

Thank you everybody for keep reading and supporting us!





feeding the flame blog post

Every scar upon my body will forever remain…”. Maybe the most important line we’ve ever writen on a song. This is our fresh start, this is a new beginning for the band & for ourselves. “Feeding the Flame” was the first song we released, after a huge period of disappointment, struggle, and after the painfull break up of the band, at 2013. “Feeding the Flame” was an introduction to our new modern sound, honest as hell lyrics and “Here to stayattitude. It was therapeutic, cathartic and set the band at the place it should be.

Feeding the Flame” was written in late 2015, at my home, where Lee and me had placed Lee’s recording equipment and just started writting songs. The music came out of nowhere without any pre-meditation or some already-written riff, or any thought about how it should sound like. Everything just came straight from the heart, the song really wrote itself, and we were just impressed at how good our first try to play something like this, sounded. It was written within the day, and just blew our minds!

The lyrics for the song were written later in the same month. We knew this had to be the first piece of music we would show to the world, so we just felt we wad to re-introduce ourselves, in a more honest way, in a more relatable way. This time, we had to let people know who we are, what we’ve been through and most importantly why we are still standing on our feet, in a scene where everybody just quits. “We’ve died a hundred times and we still resist” : this is our 100% truth.

On April of 2016, we knew our label, “Straight from the Heart records”, was going to release a compilation album, called “Heartcore Compilation”, including a song from each band. We knew from the first moment that “Feeding the Flame” was going to be our contribution to this, so the right people would get the right message from us. We recorded the song, and the compilation was released within a short period of time, and “Feeding the Flame” was the opening track.

A little bit later, we were about to release “Feeding the Flame” as a digital single. So, we needed a music video for it. Tasos, from Cineveil Visuals took over, and made this happen. When he asked us about how we wanted it to be, we just said it had to be agrresive, pure, raw and most importantly, as real as it gets. It had to perfectly reflect on who we are, what do we have to say, why are we here, and everything we have ever been through. He did an amazing job, and the result was exactly what we had in mind then. You can check the video here.

So, this is it. that’s how “Feeding the Flame” was born, formed and presented to the world. We would LOVE to hear your opinion about the song, and of course, this blogging thing. I sure like it and it will keep going and I would love to hear your reccomendations, complaints or suggestions on how to make this better!

If you have something to add to this, be a part of our story just  Contact!

Thank you everybody for keep reading and supporting us!




WE ARE ASTRAROT #002 : “We Can’t Win”

Astrarot-We Can't Win (1)

So, hello again, and thank you for being here for our second blog post ever! Hope the previous one was somehow interesting and fun to read. As I said on the previous post, we will continue doing this every other day, picking a different part of our story. Today’s blog post is going to be dedicated to our “Debut” album, entitled “We Can’t Win“.

So, let’s take it from the beginning. When we released “Straight From Nowhere“, we decided, as I said on the previous post, that the music needed a huge change. Me and Lee then started writting songs, just for the shake of it, let’s say. We didn’t have something in mind, like releasing an album or anything like that, we just started writting random songs. That’s when we found out who simillar our mindset was in the shake of song-writting and how much chemistry there was between us. Which is something that makes sense, if you consider that we were best friends for about 8 years, but never in a band together. This side of the story, our past with music and bands, will be covered another time in a blog post exclusively.

 Having written like 12 songs, we started thinking what could be done about them. We thought about releasing an album with those songs, or an ep with some of them. What, finally, made the most sense, was that we pick the 3 best-defining songs, and just release them as digital singles, just to let the world know about our new music, and how much we are changed as a band. Those singles were released at 2016, called “Feeding the Flame“, “By Your Rules” and “Point the Finger at Yourself“. The outcome of that move was everyone that liked the band before turned on us and didn’t like us anymore, but it also brought us next to some amazing people, and this is what we wanted.

After releasing the singles, we decided it was time to release our next album. We consider this our DEBUT album, because it is a fresh start for us, our first time playing 100% the music we want to play, saying 100% the things we need to say. “We Can’t Win” was written in its entirety at my house, where Lee brought the equipment needed to record. We just deleted every song we had until that time and said “Well, we are gonna be coming at this place almost everyday for a month, and just start writting an album, from start to end”. After the month was over, BOOM! We had written exactly what was in our minds, and exactly what we thought our debut album would sound like. Authentic, real, raw, aggressive, but with many catchy-pop sounding melodies.

We then, recorded the album, and Lee, the singer of the band mixed and mastered it. There will be a post entirely dedicated to the mix of the album for all you sound-freaks out there! The next thing needed to do was release the videos. We shot two videos for “Graves” and “Enemy” and we are planning on shooting some other videos for the album too, this year. “We Can’t Win” was finally released by “Straight From The Heart Records” on 30th June 2017, and you can find everything about it on our site. The album is uploaded on its entirety on Youtube, so we are looking forward to hearing your opinion about it!

The next few blog posts will be focused on each song of the album, what they mean for us and some generall descriptions about them. Hope you enjoyed this blog post as well as the previous one, and have patience, I need some practise on this. Thank you for reading and being a part of our journey!





cropped-astrarot21.jpgBlogHello Everyone and welcome to our new Blog. First of all, I want to make some things clear before continuing this. This is our first time doing something like this and we don’t have any experience in writting stuff besides lyrics, so the only thing you can expect is authenticity, realness and some very raw content. The reason we are starting this, is, like Seth Godin said, every person has to offer something to the world, make some kind of contribution, and we are planning in doing this really often, if not daily.

So, this is our first try, a short introduction to the band, and how we got started. First thing that needs to be said here, is that Astrarot as a name, was formed at 2008. At that time we were a completely different band, playing completely different kind of music, being completely different people than we are today. 2 of the 4 guys that were in the band, left it at 2014, when we decided that everyone wanted something else than the others from the band, but that’s a story for another time. We will make a blog post exclusively about this side of the story some other day.

In 2015, I, Nick decided to re-start the band, release the first album, entitled “Straight From Nowhere“. Everything was so dark at that time, nothing was certain about the band and it’s future, making that one of the hardest times I’ve ever been through. First positive thing that happened to encourage me, was signing with “Straight From The Heart Records” at 2015, and knowing that the album was going to be released via the label. It was something that gave me some of the strength I much needed, knowing that someone supports the band, and that I’m not alone.

The best thing that could happen a little bit later was when, by luck, the best friend of mine, Lee, joined the band. It was something that happened really quick, we hadn’t discussed it at all, and so it was a thing that was not certain and we didn’t know how it will end up. When we started writting songs together, we realised the chemistry we had, and how similar our mindset was, as far as song-writting and generally ,life, goes.

At 2016, after some live shows, and the release of our first album, we decided that the music would have to change dramatically. We wanted something that would let us express ourselves, and say everything we wanted to say about us to the world. So, we released 3 singles at 2016, “Feeding the Flame“, “By Your Rules” and “Point the Finger at Yourself“, that were way more modern style of music than we used to play until then. This of course, had some negative results, as people who used to like us, turned on us, because they didn’t like the new style. BUT the positive results were awesome, as we got to meet new people, and people who liked that kind of music started liking us, and that was what let us know that we made the right move.

After that, we played several live shows, that we enjoyed a lot, and decided to start working on the next, “Our DEBUT Album“. Entitled “WE CAN’T WIN“, it came out on 30 of June 2017. That brings us to this date, so, I will not say much about it now, because all of the next blog posts, will be focused completely on that.

So, this is it. This is our first blog post ever , and a short introduction to the band, to the music we play, and to who we are. Thank you everyone who reads this, stay tuned, because we will continue doing this really often, like every other day!